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Welcome to the "NEW" Fear Forums...

This is the place to learn about Horror Theatre, ask questions of The Stationkeeper, and notes about oddball changes and outages (yes, it does happen sometimes despite my best efforts..) Also: Suggest shows I should be playing

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Welcome to the "NEW" Fear Forums...

Postby The Stationkeeper » Mon Feb 11, 2008 5:53 pm

and if this not your first time to the fear forums, welcome to the new forum. Like all free things, all the time and effort we all went through to add content and thought to the 'old' fear forums was lost. (sigh).

We can now begin anew! No worries! Maybe this one will last. I hope.

So - Ahem..
Horror Theatre was begun in April 2005, so it's about our 5th year now.
I'll try not to repeat the whole torrid thing, though. All of that is on the website. Let me say this of Horror Theatre: It's a terrific hobby, and I love doing it!

Horror Theatre consists of 2 computers:

1. SUNSPOT - The primary machine running the station is an ASUS EEE 901 netbook, with an Atom 1.6 Ghz processor and 1 gig of ram. It has a 32 GB SSD primary drive, and a 32GB SD card that holds the shows. This computer is designed to be as power-efficient as possible, and is solar powered by (1) 80 watt solar panel, a Morningstar MPPT charge controller (3 thumbs up!) and a battery bank totalling about 135 amp hours. The netbook draws exactly 1 amp per hour (thats 12 watts @ 12 volts DC). This system will work for about 4 days with little or no sun, before the battery reaches 50% capacity (you don't want to go less than that as it can damage the battery, FYI) This computer also uses 'volume leveling' compression to try and even out show-to-show volume differences, as well as 'extra-loud screams and organ stabs' that can wake the dead at the wrong time of night. It can only go so far, though. I try my best - It's definately better than without it.

2. The Gravestone - This little machine is a Saintsong Cappuchino PC, a tiny early MAC mini clone (actually, these were out before the Mac Mini, so who cloned who?) It has a 1.2 Ghz P3 Celeron processor, 512 mb of ram, and a 160 GB hard drive. This computer functions as a backup. If the primary computer fails, this one will pick up and run the station. It is plugged into AC power, but is still quite power efficient, using about 35 watts though a Laptop power adaptor. I am all about being green, my current state of decay not withstanding..!

Both of these machines are located in a facility with high-reliability internet, and redundant power system, so no funny stuff should befall the station.

So - There are VERY FEW reasons that Horror Theatre should ever be down. As a matter of fact, if it's ever cold down, then it must be Sleepy. Hows that for placing blame?

As far as shows, here is a list of the shows I play:
Beyond Midnight
Black Mass
CBS RMT (horror culled)
Commercials ("More doctors recommend Camel Cigarettes"!)
Creaking Door
Crisis (culled)
Dark Fantasy
Dark Shadows Reborn
Devil and Mr. O
Diary of Fate
Fear on four
Frankenstein (plays all at once as a single show)
Hall of Fantasy
Haunting Hour
Hayward Sanitarium
Hermit's Cave
Inner Sanctum
Lagosi & Karloff: The Raven
Lights Out
Murder at Midnight
Mysterious Traveller
Price of Fear
Quiet Please
Sealed Book
Sleep No More
Strange Dr Weird
Tales from the Morgue (Chet Chetter)
Thrice Told Tales (Nathanial Hawthorne)
Weird Circle
Witch's Tale

I am going to add "Black Museum" soon, and will temporarily retire Chet Chetter. I will continue to run these as a special from time to time.

If you have any questions, fire away!
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The Stationkeeper
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Postby SCARECROW » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:01 pm

random question, which has nothing to do with this thread:
how do I find the bandwidth and whatnot for the cast?

I looked on sleepyengineers.com and it's not, how do you say, "user friendly". I can't figure out how to navigate their webpage to an area that I would be able to find your show....then again, I'm not exactly tech savvy, either. help, please?
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Postby The Stationkeeper » Wed Apr 02, 2008 10:50 pm

So, if I get you correctly - you just want to know how to tune in?
Nice outfit, by the way... really creepy..
There are several ways. First, you can try Shoutcast, and search for 'horror' or 'old time radio' or click below:
http://www.shoutcast.com/directory/?s=o ... me%20radio
there you can just click the listen now button, and if you have winamp - it'll fire right up.

You can use the links here, too:
just click on your preferred player icon, and the station should start.

Sleepy engineers is only my bandwidth provider, and will have no listing for the station. They just take my single audio feed and multiply it. They are sort of my ISP, if you will. It sounds like what you need is a station listing, like Shoutcast or Streamfinder or Reciva (google them)

Let me know if you still have issues, or if that was not what you meant.

Thanks for listening!
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The Stationkeeper
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Postby The Stationkeeper » Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:28 pm

Heck, Scarecrow!
I'm sorry, I see what you mean, now! The dang links on horror-theatre.com don't worK!

Yes, you figured it out... Sleepy Engineers have broken the links - I have contacted them and they will fix it soon.

I am going to make a new post about this problem!
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The Stationkeeper
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Re: Welcome to the "NEW" Fear Forums...

Postby StockyPhilB » Mon Jul 20, 2015 5:33 am

Love the station man!! It's a gas! The depth and content of the internet surprises me with new and wondrous things like your channel from time to time. Stuff like what you play just isn't made anymore. Writers are too busy trying to make a buck, i suppose. I think the truly scary stuff is written for authenticity and the sheer love of doing it.

Thanks for keeping this stuff out there over the air. :wink:

Just for the sake of knowing, i didn't find your channel, which i listened to the first time on Radio.net, by looking for it. I was at Sweetwater Creek State Park with my girl when we saw an SUV with a Horror Theatre sticker, just like your cover for this forum, on the back window. A little sticker, and i'll never forget.

And i don't care what you say, i'm not smoking camels!! :lol:
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